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Anniversaries/Birthday Parties

A lovely gift for a couple celebrating their anniversary is the experience of traveling in one of Your Private Limousine's fine vehicles! Whether it's your own celebration or that of your friends, parents, or even grandparents, add to this treasured occasion with an elegant private limo.

Going out to celebrate someone's birthday in Chicago? With driving comes concerns over directions, traffic, parking and a number of other issues. Let YPL be your driver and upscale, cool mode of transportation. We also recommend reserving a car as a birthday present!

A limo can also make an incredible entrance for any Sweet 16 celebration. Whether you're looking to make statement or enjoy an evening in Chicago, one of our chauffeured limousines are here t o help!

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

The day a son or daughter becomes a bar mitzvah (for a boy) or bat mitzvah (for a girl) is an important milestone for Jewish parents and their child. It is both a somber time and reason for a wonderful celebration with family and friends. Whether guests are traveling from the synagogue to the party, or arriving from out of town to attend this special event, YPL is there to serve the honored young person and other close family. We regularly work with those holding this important event for Bar and Bat Mitzvah special transportation arrangements. Our service includes returning guests back to the synagogue, hotel or airport. If your party has a special theme, we can customize the experience!


Are you planning this once-in-a-lifetime occasion for your daughter? From the special church ceremony to the grand celebration of the quinceañera, Your Private Limousine is proud to be a part of this coming-of-age celebration and culturally rich event! We understand the importance of this very special day, as a young girl transitions from childhood to being a young woman on her 15th birthday. With one call, YPL can provide the right transportation and experience for the quinceañera, her family and chosen court, especially her chambelan (date). Families may want to reserve two or three of our eight-passenger, luxury limousines to accommodate the most important family members- padrinos/madrinas and the court of young women and men. We know that this day is both sacred and festive. Let YPL party limo in Chicago make it unforgettable for everyone!

Your Private Limo provides party limousines all over Chicagoland servicing Buffalo Grove, Hoffman Estates, Glenview, Des Plaines and more!