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We provide door-to-door specialized transportation for patients receiving medical services at different facilities in the Chicagoland area. Our chauffeurs undergo specialized training to understand and deal with various medical needs. We know there are times when an individual cannot drive after certain treatments and perhaps does not have transportation readily available to get to an appointment. Please contact us to serve you in this very special way. Whether it is for outpatient surgery (dental and medical procedures where one cannot drive home), cancer or dialysis treatment, YPL will provide personalized service to meet this important need.


Funeral transportation is another specialized service for YPL and its clients. At this very difficult time, remembering to reserve cars for the immediate family and close friends might be an area that is overlooked. We work with a number of funeral homes in the Chicagoland area. However, you may wish to contact us directly, especially if out-of-town guests need picking up at an airport, taken to the funeral home or church, and on to place of internment. YPL can be there for you and your family to ease some of the tensions and concerns about taking care of guests and keeping everyone together. Our vehicles can transport your guests to the restaurant and back to the hotel or airport. Please contact us so we know best how to serve you for funeral service transportation.

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